Midland lxt 480 vp3

I am thinking about purchasing this radio for myself and my wife. We like to go camping, go to amusement parks,flea markets and walks in the woods. My question is are these a good choice for these activities? What is their range in open areas? Is their range good enough for my needs? Would you recommend these little radios or would you have a better choice than these? If so what would be your choice? THANKYOU!

The: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/midland/midland-gxt-740-vp3.aspx is a slightly better radio. We even have a special price on them at the moment.

Both are good all-pupose radios. They have a range of 1/2-2 miles and are durable and reliable.

:slight_smile: What would be the difference in the range between the 480 and the 740? Or would the range be the same between both radios? THANKS AGAIN!

The 740 radios have 5 watts of power (the maximum allowed by law) so they will have more range and clarity. In most cases it would be about another 1/2 mile, but out in the open it could be much greater. They will have about the same maximum range of any top-end GMRS radio. They are $59.99 usually, but we have been able to drop the price $20.00.