Midland headset and Motorola radio

Can a Midland radio headset be adapted to work with a Motorola radio?

Are we talking about Midlland and Motorola Talkabout radios? The Midland uses a two pin connector, the Talkabout uses a single pin.

Yes, two way radio’s, I’m aware of the 2 pin-1pin. Can it be adapted to a 1 pin so that it can work with the Motorola?
The midland head set is much better, ear fit etc.

Asking the same question again, can this be done? That is can I adapt a talkabout Midland headset(2 pin) to a talkabout Motorola radio which is 1 pin?

Technically it may be possible to rig something together to adapt a Midland connector to work with a Motorola, however I am not aware of any adapter manufactured commercially capable of converting it.

Thanks! Appreciate the response.