Midland GXT950 vs Cobra LI-7200

Trying to decide between these two models, didn’t see any posts with them listed back to back.

The main things I’m interested in are volume (without headseat), clarity, and distance. Also, a strong vibrating call would be excellent. I’d being using them somewhere that can be a little noisy at times.

Which of these two would suit me better? Or is there another option that trumps? Please let me know. I’m glad I found this forum!


Neither have a massive volume level in crowded areas. The vibrating page function for both is similar. On the 7200, I was at a baseball game and felt the vibration when my wife called and was able to communicate.

The range of the 7200 is superior to the midland, although the Midlands do get above average range reports.

Clarity of both are fine. The volume levels of the Midlands are a bit higher, and the Midlands have greater durability…

This may or may not help. They are both superb radios. Please ask if you have more questions.

Hmmm, sounds like one isn’t a clear standout over the other?

Maybe I’ll wait and see what the reviews are like on the newer Cobra CXR900 before making a final decision. If you could make a note of the volume level when you get ahold of a set of the CXR900s it would be much appreciated (since that seems to be the main area where the Midlands are currently superior, based on my needs)

Thanks so much for the response and all the other information you’ve provided in this forum.


OK… if that happens, you’ll see the info on the reviews section.