Midland GXT900 Transmit Question

If this has been answered before I apologize for asking again. I did search and couldn’t find same question.
Have Midland GXT900 series. When I push to talk the radio transmits (“TX” shows) for a couple seconds but then stops. Trying to figure out the problem and have narrowed it to what I think come down to two possibilities:

–> Owner’s manual says:

2. Press and hold the PTT button and speak in a normal voice…
3. To receive a call, release the PTT button…
As I read this it means basically, PTT to transmit and then let go if you want to hear what the recipient is transmitting (saying) back to you. IOW, transmit and receive just as with any other radio.
However, I’ve had someone else tell me that even though I initiate the transmission, it will end if the recipient doesn’t push and then release the PTT button to receive. Is that correct???

–> Have read other threads/posts that say the radio will cease transmitting after a few seconds if using the Midland powerpack batteries and they are cold (degraded power.) I’m using the powerpack, but it’s not cold weather. However, they’re a few years old and may not be holding a charge.

Appreciate any help solving this.
Thank you!

No. Your transmission should end when you release the PTT or your radio times out if you transmit too long (depending on the feature set).

If the batteries are weak or too old to hold a charge, they won’t be able to sustain the power output required when you transmit for more than a few seconds, even if the battery meter displays a full charge.

Rechargeable battery packs have an average lifespan of one to three years. You said your battery packs are several years old. It is likely time to replace the battery packs.

Thank you for the helpful reply!
I did find that, as mentioned in other posts, the problem occurs when on high power but not on medium power.
This does happen even when the meter shows full charge. Haven’t used “regular” batteries to see whether the problem still occurs. Regardless, I probably will replace the rechargeable packs.
Thanks again!