midland gxt710 batteries

Has anyone use aa 20000mah low self discharge nimh’s in the midland radios with good success? I have an abundance of aa eneloops and duraloops (eneloops with basically different wrappers). I would like to use those in a pair of midland gxt710’s i have. I know that standard battery packs have 5 aaa nimh cells in them but wouldnt these nimh aa cells actually hold their voltage longer? 2000mah versus 700 mah. and shouldnt you get more talk time? I would think they would.

I have been using this radio for the last several years with maha 2700 and eneloop batteries. Both work very well.

As far as the capacity issue:

Really you need to look at watt-hours and not amp-hours. (amp-hours*volts=watt-hours)

Eneloops are 1.2 volts and are 2 amp-hours. Since you will have 4 of them, you will have a total of 9.6 watt-hours of energy (42amp-hours1.2volts)

If the battery pack that came with the radios has 5 aaa nimh batteries in it with a capacity of 700mha, the it has 4.2 watt-hours of energy (50.7amp-hour1.2volts).

Tis means that you should expect the eneloops to last twice as long as the battery packs!

yes you are right, i forgot about watt hours. Voltage x number of batteries x amp hour rating .