MIdland GXT650 undocumented feature?

Or is it?

I was messing about with the radio using the 10 Weather alert channels & accidentaly hit “MENU” 3 times instead of once. (You’d normally hit it once then hit “UP” or “DOWN” to change weather radio channels.) Now I got a screen that isn’t mentioned in either the printed manual, nor the online one from Midland. It says “AL” & has 2 options, accesed by the “UP/DOWN” keys. The options are “on” or “of”. You hit “MENU” to end & return to weather radio operation.

Nothing more seems to happen until you exit the weather radio & go back to FRS/GMRS operation. Once you hold “MENU” to exit weather radio you get the cloud icon, but flashing, even in FRS/GMRS mode.

Did I just access weather alert mode, or is this something else Midland forgot to document?

Hit the push to talk button and it will stop. Press the push to talk button again and you will exit out of WX band mode and the storm cloud icon will be gone! That’s the info I got on it.