Midland GXT1050VP4 vs. Cobra CXR925 vs. Uniden GMR2875-2CK vs. Motorola T9650R

I don’t see any current reviews on these radios but they seem to be the current top of the line for these companys. I need some help deciding which one to get regardless of $$. These will be used outdoors mainly for different kinds of hunting/fishing/camping. Im not really looking for a bunch of features. I just want the best performing product in regards to range/clarity/battery life as well as the power ratings since that seems to be what gives these things the most effective range. Also, what time of the year do these manufacturers come out with new products? Should I wait for something new/improved to come out?? Thanks for your help!


Midland GXT1050: The GXT1000 is the same radio (the camo case cost more due to licensing). Midland makes a generic all-purpose radio that is a bit more rugged and water resistant than others. They are focused on outdoor users for camping and hiking.

Cobra CXR925: Only Cobra makes GMRS radios with Lithium Ion batteries. They have very good range, look a bit different (some like that) and a longer battery life than most GMRS radios.

Uniden GMR2875: The GMR2872 is the same radio (again camo). They are designed for heavy outdoor use so they are water resistant. They even state they will float in water. They are also big radios compared to the others. They feel very solid, and might be the toughest of the bunch (they will not let me experiment to find out :slight_smile: ). Unlike the others though, you probably will not be able to put them in your pocket or even wear comfortably on a belt.

Motorola T9650R: Pretty much the same as a 9500, 9550. Your typical Motorola radios. A lot of people feel Motorola makes the best radios overall, though they do not have any real area where they stand out.

Most of the new radios show up starting in January and February, so for the most part what you see is very current. One thing though, the manufacturers make very, very few changes year to year. What you will find are very minor updates. Occasionally there is a big change or completely new models, but they are the exception.

Regardless of the nonsense about range printed on the packaging, they all get about the same range of 1-2 miles. You might get 5 or more out in the open or on a lake, but do not rely on it.

Thanks Jeff! So it looks like I need to narrow it down to midland/cobra/uniden. I just did a search as far as the size of each unit and here is what i found:

Midland - 9.75 x 2.5 x 1.75
Cobra - 7 x 1.9 x 1.3
Uniden - 9 x 2.5 x 1.25

Looks like Cobra wins the size battle. What does history show for these brands as far as reliability/longevity? Since they will all get about the same range…which product would you pick?

jwilkers - which one would you pick? I know you do a lot of product reviews as to which brand consistantly performs better.

Thanks guys!

CXR920 vs. CXR925
I didn’t see a compare feature on cobras website but these two radios look similar. Their website says the 925’s are the newer model. Do you think it would matter if i went for the older 920 camo model rather than the new 925 model? I wonder how the cobra’s would hold up in the weather since they aren’t water resistant or anything…sorry for all the questions! Thanks!


We have a comparison tool:


I will save you a bit of time, the only real difference is the color of the cases.

Cobra does not market their radios as being water resistant and rugged as much as the others do.

Thanks but it doesn’t look like you have the 920 in your list to compare to. Do you think i should lean towards cobra or the uniden or midlands?? Thanks!

It is a 925, just with a camo case. All it does is make it harder to find if you drop it at night.

Any of those radios will work just fine, it comes down to personal preference. Even here in the shop you will get a different answer depending on who you ask. I would look at the price, think about any features I want, then think about battery life.

according to their website the 920 (30 mile) is the camo version of the 900 (30 mile). The 925 (35 mile is the new model with no camo option yet. I could be wrong but thats what im gonna take from it. Now if it was only water resistant id be set! Does anyone know what the power ratings are for the CXR925?? Thanks!

The 925 is the same as almost identical to the 900. :slight_smile: Kinda circular, but any differences are minor. The biggest difference is the plastic case.

Ok, Thanks! Do you know what the power output is rated at from the FCC on the 925? They don’t have a manual for the 925 on their website but they do have a 950 manual which isn’t listed on their site…future handset or maybe error on the manual…

Probably the Cobras. I have ne experience with Uniden; but Cobra has consistently provided best overall performance.

Thanks for the input!!

How about the Cobra MR HH425LI vs. CXR925? I know the marine radio goes up to 5 watts and the cxr says it has maximum power by law so that should too. I kinda like the idea that the marine radio is water resistant and has a little bigger battery. I would only be using the frs/gmrs channels so im not sure if the marine radio would be worth the extra money. What do you guys think?

One thing, marine radios are for use on the water only. The frequencies used are monitored by the Coast Guard and their use on land is illegal. There are some that think they can use them in say Kansas, but they tend to get reported and get to have a fun conversation with the FCC.

ok, thanks! Well there goes that idea!

I was trying to answer the same question of the 4 top brands (35-36mile range) Midland, Uniden, Cobra, and Motorola which is the best, money not being an option… Some of the features that I feel are important but not deciding factors are: water resistance, the ability to use over the counter batteries should the need arise, weather alert, and the most important factor being range of usable signal.

I have read that the results of 36 mile ranges are grossly over rated (maybe on the ocean on a clear day) but that leaves me questioning the output wattage listed on these products and if that is a factor. Midland GXT1050 says 5watts which i think is the maximum aloud by the FCC(?) and .5 FRS(?) The cobra CXR925 lists 3.5watts of output power. Not sure for the Uniden or Motorola, but should more wattage translate to better rang/results?

Anyway I was wondering since this thread has started if there was any more feedback on what was the top performer?

There are many confusing aspects to deciding which brand does what, for example: power boost it seems they all have this is there one brand that boosts the signal better then the others (also the motorola has a range extender? how that works over a booster or what that does seems confusing).

Thank you in advance for any clarification or added thoughts or help you can provide. :smiley: