midland gxt1050

hi guys im having a problem with my radios, they were working fine but now when i press the ptt button the tx comes up but the other radio either receives nothing or the rx just flashes and nothing is heard … anyone got any ideas?

both radios are set on the same channel and privacy settings are the same the batteries are both fully charged and both radios are in range …

cheers for any help


Hi Gary, to troubleshoot, first try setting everything to the defaults and standard mode on both radios. Disable CTCSS/DCS codes, weather alerts, Group Mode, Direct Call, Dual Watch and Whisper Function. In other words, take your radios down to simple basic operation.

If they work at that point, turn features back on one at a time, testing both RX and TX between them before activating and configuring the next feature.

If they still don’t communicate during basic operation, swap the rechargeable battery packs with standard alkaline batteries and try again.

Hi mate done all that … So far we’ve found 1 rad is now working the other works if we turn the squelch off however having white noise all the time on one rad is no good for us when were out stalking …

Are you using the radios by themselves or do you have any headsets, speaker mics or anything else plugged into them?