Midland GXT1000/1050: Can whisper mode work with vox?

I’m intrigued by the whisper mode. Most radios require you to talk rather loudly for the VOX to activate. On the Midland, can you combine whisper mode with VOX so that it would work if one talked at normal or softer volumes?

I tried the Motorolas’ VOX mode (not using headset) and one has to shout into the mic to get it to work.

I also emailed Midland support but got no response.


I don’t own that ray-daydio, so all I can do is surmise…

VOX is a tricky beast, at least in my opinion. The voice, or input sound, has to be loud enough to activate the VOX circuit. Unless the radio has a special EPROM that can determine between the spoken word and the sound of a slamming refrigerator door, any sound at a certain level will activate VOX. I know that most motorcycle COMM systems (passenger to passenger) are activated that way (and can be adjusted in fine detail). I find myself “Singing along with Mitch” quite often and my tail gunner gets a full concert when I get loud enough to trip the gremlins in the VOX/COMM unit.

At a whisper, you would have to be in very quiet surroundings and even then a sneeze, cough or belch could set that sucker off. Could it be adjusted to a normal spoken word loudness? Possibly, but then the PA in the airport telling you to drop your shorts and get ready to be groped could also set it off. Changing sound volumes or environment changes can make constant VOX adjustments a royal PITA!

As an owner of some Motorola’s in the past, I found that almost all of the units I have tried had VOX issues that were twitchy and abhorrent for my purposes. The radios I am now using (ICOM / KENWOOD, etc.) have a better VOX circuit IMHO. But that portion of the selling feature is not why I use the radio. If this is a mission critical application, I would look at some of the more industrial grade radios. The Motorola’s (and I would guess Midland’s) are just not cut-out for the black suit, tie and sun glasses crowd.

just sayin…