Midland GXT-900 vs. Motorola BPR40 vs Cobra CXR900

I am going on a cruise in two weeks and want to know which of these radios will work better on the ship. I have seen several posts about this but I want to know specifically between these three units.

Looking for best overall radio- on-ship, ship to shore, etc.

I was originally going to go with the Midland but now am not so sure…


I have the GXT-900 radios and they work well (simplex) both inside and outside with a range of 2-5 miles on high power depending on the location.

I would be very cautious though using these outside the US. Many of the frequencies on these radios are used in other countries for emergency services. I know Mexico and Bahamas for example. You don’t want to get into trouble.

Thanks for the info but does anyone have a comparison to the other radios?

Battery life is tremendous with the cxr900s. 1500mah battery I believe is tops for a consumer radio of this class. Great range (at least 2 miles simplex). I would suppose any of these radios would do the job. seems the cxr900s are just the 2009 version of the Cobra li 7200. Has a bit more power output and I suppose more range.

I would use them on the ship only, with the permission of the officer. On land abroad? Not so much. As somebody in this forum pointed out already, you could get into trouble by using frequencies you’re not allowed to use. They could be used for emergency or other services in other countries.