Midland GXT-800-VP4 Radio Charger

Can i BUY A Sepertate charger for these radios? (I want one for my car, and house.)


Unfortunately, you cannot. The Midland GXT800 series has a special charger that Midland does not offer separately.

If this is important to you, you may want to consider the Midland GXT710VP3. The GXT710 has the same range as the GXT800, but works with their standard AVP-4 charger, which is available from our Midland Accessories page. Unfortunately the GXT710 isn’t waterproof and is missing the group mode features of the GXT800, but these features may not be as important to you.


Aww…But theses are what make it useful to me, you see I play Airsoft, and “water poof” is a must, and the group modes are also useful. But thanks for your help.


You could always try contacting Midland directly. They obviously have the chargers since they are packaging them with the GXT800. They just aren’t offering them as a separate product (yet). You may be able to buy what you need directly from them.