Midland GXT 1050 Vibrate Alert Feature

I just received my Midland GXT 1050 and the vibrate feature doesn’t work. Could there be anything in the settings not allowing this feature to work?

Did you make sure the vibrate alert was enabled? This video shows how to properly enable and disable it.

Radio 101 - How to set vibrate alert on a Midland GXT radio

It may be possible another feature may be getting in the way. Because you need to press the call button on one radio to get the other radio to vibrate, the only one I can think of that may prevent you from sending the call signal is if the key lock feature is enabled or the radio needs a reset. This video shows how to resolve the issue.

Radio 101 - Troubleshooting keys on a Midland GXT two way radio

Both radios need to be set to the same channel and Vibrate Alert must be enabled.