Midland GXT-1000 PTT Button

Ok, so I just purchased some very nice Midland GXT-1000’s based on all the reviews and recommendations I’ve read. Only one review I came across mentioned something about the PTT button being harder than normal to push, but I passed over it as a minor complaint since nobody else mentioned it. But it’s the one thing about this radio that’s really bothering me. I don’t know why they had to make it like this - the PTT buttons on my older GXT-450’s are ALOT easier to use.

So I’m wondering if the GXT-760 radios have an easier to push PTT button? They are technically identical to the 1000’s but are not as “waterproof”, so like another reviewer suggested, they may not have as much protective rubber to push through.

Has anyone compared these two that can comment on them? I might just exchange these for the 760’s if that’s the case. I’ve done pretty well without “waterproof” radios anyway.


The PTT button on the GXT1000 is harder to press than the GXT760 for the specific reason you mentioned. That is a normal trade-off for increased ruggedness and weatherproofing. The more rugged case also adds to the overall weight as well.

Personally, I like the rugged feel of the GXT1000 and 1050 and I have big hands with fat fingers, so the PTT button doesn’t bother me, but I can appreciate the need for an easier to press PTT to make the radios easier for my wife and kids to use. Since the GXT760 has most of the same functionality as the GXT1000, you may want to consider swapping them if you don’t really need the added ruggedness and the button is an issue for you.


My Midland GXT-1000 PTT Button rubber cover had torn twice !
Midland doesn’t have/sell it.
I realy need some help - where can I buy it??
It’s realy hard to operate the radio with a thick torn rubber cover … :frowning:

I wounder if anybody else experienced this problem and how did you solve it.
It is quite frustrating since the radio is in very good condition, and I can’t use it because a small piece of ****** / rubber …

Need your help !!!


Hi Eyal,

I would talk to the guys at BuyTwoWayRadios.com. Danny in particular has been extremely helpful when I’ve had questions or needed work done on a radio. I think these guys are about the best in this business.

By the way, I recently compared a bunch of GMRS radios that I had collected. I had the Midland GXT-1000’s, the GXT-450’s, some Kenwood TK-3131’s, and various older Cobra models, including the amazingly good PR900DX. In my experience, the Cobra PR900DX is the winner of this group for overall signal integrity at 1 mile+ in a fairly wooded neighborhood, but this model is kindof hard to find now.

However, I must add that I did not fully test/compare the range of the GXT-1000’s with all of the others - mainly because I was so annoyed at the PTT button. Maybe I’ll do another comparison at some point with the GXT-760’s…the GXT-1000’s little brother that has the same specs without the annoyingly thick rubber. But for now I will be content with this great little Cobra radio.

Hope that helps.

Hi Aerial,

It was good to see your reply - the forum seems to be quite sleepy one …
Well, it will be great if you’ll try to dig a bit and find out for me about the PTT cover and where can I buy it, since I live over sea (outside the U.S.) and do it by myself is much more difficult for me.

It is interesting the test you’ve made and I look forward to the next stage: Cobra v. Midland … The range (including the sound quality) is my #1 priority.

I’ll highly appreciate your assistance with the PTT cover issue, though it’s not going to be easy … (I spent hours in the web and couldn’t find anything).


Hi Eyal, unfortunately, if Midland doesn’t offer it, chances are it isn’t available. It is something that would likely need to be swapped out from another non-working GXT1000.

However, Midland does have a three year warranty on their radios, so if you purchased it new within the last three years, they should be able to replace the entire radio for you, PTT button cover and all.

If it is outside the warranty, when all is said and done it might be cheaper to replace the radio anyway rather than hunt around for a spare part on the web. As I said in the beginning, the PTT cover isn’t a stock part, so if you do want to make such a repair you will need to find a used or non-working GXT1000 somewhere, purchase it, pull the cover, and replace it.

Where are you overseas? I am not familiar with laws and regulations in other countries regarding the modification and repair of radios, so doing your own repairs on a radio may have other risks.

Even though you are outside the U.S., you can still contact us as Aerial suggested. If you can’t reach us by phone, you can contact us through our live online chat from 8 AM- 6 PM Eastern Time weekdays. Just click on the Live Online Chat button in the lower left sidebar on the page in the Contact Us link above. You won’t talking to bots or an outsource, you will be chatting directly with our own staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Hello Rick,

Thank you very much for offering asisstance and for the information.
I do belive the radio is still in warranty and I’ll certainly check it.
As I’ve mentioned, this is the second time the cover had torn, and at the previous time Midland indeed replaced the radio. therefore, I’m not very comfortable to put an aditional, identical, warranty claim, and I wonder if it’s a known, common defect (frankly, I’m surprised and disappointed, because I thought this model has a reputation of a sturdy, durable one… and except the cover issue, it is a good radio)
Moreover, Midland don’t ship the radio outside the country, so I have to find a local address and then find a way to ship the radio to Israel - quite complicated …
Anyway, if you do know about a used, or even better - non-working GXT1000 owner, I’ll be more then happy if you’ll make the connection between us.

Thanks again,

Generally these radios are somewhat durable. I have the GXT1050, which is the camo version of the GXT1000 and never had an issue with them so far. The rubber is thick on the GXT1000 PTT button so I am surprised it even ripped once. For it to rip twice, I think that is unusual.

If you don’t mind my asking, what specifically do you use the radios for and under what conditions?


I use the radio for camping, and during Jeep trips while going in a convoy - Nothing special, not in harsh conditions, and I honestly don’t abused them, but treat it with care …

Well, if you (or any body else) will hear about a non working Midland radio that may fit to this purpose, I’ll be thankful if you’ll inform me: eyal@nachshon-law.com

Just a thought: perhaps there was a defected series (of this rubber) ? on the other hand, in that case I would expect to see many more torn covers…


Have you had any chances to test the GXT1000 with Cobra HH425LI? I intend to get another HH425LI but I want to make sure it can works with my GTX1000 (I have two pairs of them at home) before I place an order on another HH425LI (returned the used one I bought recently because it can’t communicate with my GTX1000 - thought it has broken).

No. sorry. can’t answer this question - I haven’t tried it.

Btw, as an owner of the GTX-1000 and the Cobra HH425LI as well, which one is better in terms of range, durability, battery power?