Midland GXT-1000 can communicate with Kenwood TH-K4AT ? Help Pls !

Hello all
I’m a new user in 2 way radio for work.
Please tell me some information :
Can we communicate between 2 type of radio : Midland GXT-1000 and Kenwood TH-K4AT.

  • Midland GXT-1000 : work from frequency 462.5625 Mhz - 462.7250 Mhz ;
    step 250 kHz
  • Kenwood TH-K4AT : work from frequency : 400 Mhz - 470 Mhz ;
    step 25kHz

Many thanks

The Midland is fixed and not programmable, however, it seems the Kenwood TH-K4AT is, so you may be able to program it to talk with the GXT1000.

We don’t carry the Kenwood TH-K4AT but you can find the information needed from Kenwood. You will need a PG-4Y interface cable. You will also need MCP-1A programming software which, according to Kenwood, is free.