Midland gx785

Just purchased a pair of Midland GX785 radios and purchased a FCC license. The documentaion and box show up to 34 mile range for these radios. I am having trouble with the range and am not getting more than about two miles range. I understand that the type of terrain affects the signal but if they are “up to 34 mile range” why am I not getting better range. Does anyone have these radios and are you having the same problems? Any suggestions?

No matter what the label says, two miles is about the best ANY radio will do. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I sort of figured that after purchasing the radios and reading the postings on this website. The manufacturers give misleading information on their packaging. I was expecting that since it said max of 34 miles that I would at least get 10 to 12 miles no matter what terrain. Should have know better. The Midland radios I looked at before purchasing were listed from 10 to 36 mile range with different prices accordingly. If they only get up to 2 miles, they should all be the same price. LOL Thanks again.

Hi Beeman,

We discuss the range issue a lot in our blog and on our podcast. While it is possible to get up to 36 miles on the radios, they are tested to perform at that range under what the manufacturers call “optimal conditions” - i.e. clear line of site with no obstructions. Essentially this means taking the radios to a location such as a high enough altitude with nothing between the two radios but thin air.

Since most two way radios don’t operate under those optimal conditions in a real world scenario, the manufacturers are really stretching the range.

For more information about two way radio range and how to get the most range from your radios, here are a few resources.

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Thanks for fleshing out my reply, Rick. I wanted to put it that way, but didn’t have the proper words. I figured one of the site guys would come along and expand on my answer eventually, but didn’t want the OP to feel “left hanging” with no answer at all. :slight_smile: