Midland CT210 and Midland LXT 500

Hello. Is there a way those two radios can communicate ?
thanks in advance

The Midland LXT500 is an FRS/GMRS radio and operates on fixed frequencies in the 462/467MHz range.

The CT210 is an amateur radio sold in Europe. Depending on the model it will either operate on the 2m or 70cm band.

Technically speaking, you may be able to program the 70cm version to talk with the LXT500, However, it is not intended to operate as a GMRS radio. The CT210 is not FCC part 95 type accepted and is not legal for use on FRS/GMRS frequencies in the US. If you live outside the US, you would need to check with the rules or laws of your country before attempting to program it on those frequencies.

If you have the VHF version of the CT210, it will not talk with the LXT500.