Midland communication with other radio brands

I belong to a SAR group, and we use FRS radios for additional intra-team communication on searches. We all have our own brands of radios (Motorola, Cobra, etc.), so I need to be able to communicate with other radios. I just bought the Midland GXT950VP4 today, and one thing I noticed was it mentions a Voice Privacy Scramble feature, which distorts transmissions to other third party radios. Does that mean that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with the other brands of radios in my group?


The scrambling feature can be turned “on” or “off” for each of the 22 channels of the Midland GXT950. To communicate with other radios that do not have this feature, simply turn the scrambler “off” for each channel (the default is “off” so you really don’t have to do anything).