Midland ALAN HP108 frequency setting

Hi there!
I just got the Midland HP108 handheld radio.
will appreciate information on how to store a pre-set frequency. the RTFM atitude did not workout…

is it at all possible to dial in my desierd frequency?

We are an Authorized Midland Dealer in the United States, but we do not carry the Alan HP108, as it is not intended for the US market. Many of our forum members are located in Europe and may be familiar with it, so they may be able to help. You may need to contact the Midland dealer or office in your country or region for support.

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It’s a business radio so you’ll need to source a programming cable and software to enter new frequencies. It’s a capable radio but apart from changing the stored channels the operator can’t do much. They’re designed NOT to let the operator fiddle. In europe and the UK you need a licence which is under a hundred quid for five years but the choice of frequencies is not huge, and if you live in a busy area pretty full of people! It is possible to get a technically assigned frequency just for you that will be much less prone to interference from other users but the licence is the same price but renewed annually.