Midland 50 channel cross reference

I just purchased a set of Midland’s GXT 1000 series, and want to know where i can get the full 50 channel cross reference channel chart.

i only found the 42 channel list, but not the 50 channel.

Since i am new to using two way radio’s, what is the best GMRS channel by experience to get maximum range?
I assume different frequencies/channels have different (although maybe minimal)ranges?

The radio still only has the same 22 FRS/GMRS frequencies as other similar radios. The “extra” channels are NOT extra frequencies at all. They are simply the same frequencies with certain codes predetermined for you.

Using that chart you can make ANY frs/gmrs radio talk to them.

Thanks Speedy. I fully understand “extra channel” setup. Just want to avoid FRS ( low power ) channels. Since list only has 42 channels i need channel list for remaining 8.

I need to update the list it would seem. Anyway, the corresponding channels should be: 3, 5, 7, 15, 17, 19, 21, 2. (Though I might be wrong.)

I have attached a complete crossreference for all 50 channels. I have this in excel format, but I can’t upload it.

This is awesome. Thank you for posting it!:slight_smile: