mh 230 problem one of my radio not received my message

i’m not abble to send a message (talking) on one of my radio MH 230 two way, i push button PTT i hear the sound ready for talking but my other one can’t received it ,i got the same channel exemple 16 each, with number 1 under…thanks for reply to me

Do you have any other walkie talkie? With one channel ,and tary to know which one is broken.Maybe one is cannot send,or one cannot receive,or both of them need to be repaired.Hope it is useful. Better take them go to the shop where you bought them.

Are you using the NiMH rechargeable battery packs included with the Motorola Talkabout MH230 radios? If so, try replacing them with fresh alkaline batteries. It is not uncommon for the radio to show a full charge on an old or defective battery pack that cannot provide enough power to transmit when the PTT button is pressed.

Did the alkaline battery replacement tip work? How is it now, danstlaurent?