I just received an MD-390 for Fathers day and have two questions.

  1. Has anyone noticed or had a problem with the clock losing time. It loses about 10 minutes every few hours. I suspect a firmware update would solve the problem. Anyone know if there is one out yet?

  2. The radio is listed as a uhf vhf radio. How do you program in uhf and vhf stations at the same time? The 390 software seems to only allow one or the other in a code plug.



A few customers have reported an issue with the clock that can be resolved by using the programming software. If programmed through the keypad, the clock may lose time, however, when programmed through the PC using the MD-390 programming software, the clock keeps time with no issues. We tested this with our units for an extended period and it does work.

The MD-390 is a single band radio. TYT plans to manufacturer two models, one UHF and one VHF, however, it is currently available in UHF only. We currently list the MD-390 as a UHF radio.

It is confusing because TYT lists both frequency bands on their product sheet and in their user manual, but does not specify they are two different models. They do list the bands and frequency ranges on separate lines, and although they don’t state this is a dual band radio, they don’t clearly state these are two different versions, either. It confused us too at first and we had to get clarification from TYT. We didn’t know this for sure until we received the demo units.

The radios are nice and they are a great price for DMR, but no doubt their user manuals and spec sheets could be better.

Bummer about the two bands. I would have waited to order that model.

But the Clock drift seems worse when I set it with the software. Now it seems to stop the clock when I turn the radio off and restart from where it stopped when I turn the radio back on.

Love the radio except for the clock issue.

What are my options at this point?

There are a couple of things to check. When you program using the software, try writing the code plug to the radio first, then set the clock.

Also, check to be sure you have the latest firmware. If it is an early version, you may need a firmware upgrade.

Where was the MD-390 originally purchased?

From I assume that is you.

June 4, Order number 3054413
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Hi, Yes the MD390 is a single band DMR, differs from the MD390 in the fact it is “waterproof” and has a better battery - much better.

But if you’re still looking for an MD390 FW upgrade, I have the original FW, the updated FW and also the experimental FW. all work ok on both my MD390’s.

Note that the MD380 FW updates sometimes do not work with the MD390 and sometimes case a “boot-loop” issue.

If you still want/need the updated FW I can send it to you. Email my user name at and i’d be happy to forward you it.

cheers & 73

Malcolm <GM4MSH>