Maxon GMRS 210+3 manual needed

I was given a Maxon GMRS 210+3 radio. If anyone has a manual I could take a peek at or even any experience on how to program it, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance,

I have a set of these. I got them from sportsman guide catalague around 1998. They are very neat radios that are fully programable by user for repeater operation. I paid about $120 for a pair of them on close out. They are a full 5 watt output when connected to 12v. Very neat radios with all the bells and whistles.They cover frs and gmrs freq. I have the manuals somewhere but I remember how to program them by heart if you need help. Ill email you with my phone number. Id be glad to help.:slight_smile:

Could you please email a manual for 210+3 to
Thank you sir.