Matching settings between RMU2080D and UVF8HP

I was wondering if it was possible to match up the settings on a Baofeng UVF8HP so that it can communicate with Motorola RMU2080D radios. I can’t seem to match up the terminology used in the Motorola with the appropriate settings for the UVF8HP. The Baofeng can clearly hear transmissions from the Motorola, but the motorola doesn’t pick up the Baofeng transmissions.

It’s technically possible, although not recommended, at least in the US.

For starters, the Motorola labels CTCSS/DCS as PL/DPL codes.

It sounds like you have PL/DPL codes set in the Motorola, which prevents you from hearing transmissions from the Baofeng. If you are using the frequencies programmed into the Motorola by default, that is most likely the issue, since most of the default channel frequencies are also assigned default PL tones.

You would need to set the active channel on your Baofeng to the same frequency and code as the one assigned to the active channel on the Motorola.

If you are in the US, keep in mind that the Motorola RMU2080d operates on 99 business frequencies. The last time I checked, the Baofeng UVF8HP was not FCC type accepted in the US for use on these frequencies and was acceptable for use as an amateur radio only.