Luiton LT-458 Programming Issue


I have a expanded my FRS two way radio collection with a pair of Luiton LT-458 radios. I bought them mainly due to the good reviews, fast charging USB port, and price. I downloaded the programming software from Luiton (redownloaded it on a different computer as well), plugged in the PC (tried both PCs I have), and turned the radio on. All I get when I try to read or write the radio is “Read Data Fail”. I can’t find anything anywhere about this error, and Luiton has been no help so far. Any ideas, suggestions, or advice? Thanks in advance!

i have the same radio, i bought a Serial cable to usb on amazon but it still tells theres no com port. but i am seeing i have com 1. an i agree luiton company has not been any help i have emailed them several times with no help.