Luiton Lt-189 radios

Where does a guy find the program in English for the luiton lt-189. I have used the luiton site for my couple other modules of radios an they worked great. Tried it for the 189 radios an it’s in Chinese thanks in advance

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There is a drop down box to change it - use google translate on your phone, aim it at the screen and then you can read which menu it is and change it. ALL CPS software seems to work this way. Once you set it to English, it remains English. P

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Perfect thank you for your help!

Hi guys, also got a Luiton lt-189 just managed to get a manual through an email request the other day. It was a .pdf
But also found the software download and opened it, was also a different language. When I get home, I will try the Google translate trick as well, Thanks for that. Any other issues to look for? Lonny, is it a good hand held, 12 watts for real?

Finding that when/if you find this radio for sale, no documentation comes with it at all. Look at the one on eBay right now (not mine) just a reference, (no manual) I plan on figuring mine out because they are cheap and 12w. That’s a no brainer(lol, use a shoulder mic)…

I have a few of them now a came with the manual. Believe only 10 watt but work great. I like the 188 as well with the light on them. I will look on eBay a see if I can find more in there again thank you. I think I was able to get it to switch to English on one of the drop down menus