Low volume on right side of a Wouxun KG-UV920P-A

strong textGood day to the group. I have a Nice KG920P-A Radio, Everything seems to work O.K., Accept the right side of the radio has very low volume, And the volume control has no effect. Any Ideas? Don

Is the volume issue present no matter what frequency you are operating on? I don’t have that radio but was looking at the manual for it. According to the first block on the troubleshooting chart there are “sub-audio settings” although I could not find where those settings are located in the manual. Does the volume knob for that speaker work at all? Does it lower the volume of the speaker? If the knob seems to work increasing and decreasing the volume I would probably try a factory reset. Menu items 24 & 30 are various speaker settings. You might try changing the settings just to see if that changes anything.