Looking for two way radios

Hi, I am looking at purchasing two way radios for our trip. We are driving down to Disney Land. We want to communicate car to car with while driving down their. We will be purchasing about 6 radios to use for the trip and to use in Disney Land around the park. Also, which channels give you the best range?

They need to be rechargeable. we wont be too far apart while driving so anything you can recommend would be great!


A lot of people are liking the Cobra radios. They have a lithium-ion battery so they last quite a while between charges, and they are very compact.


Another popular set are these:


They are a bit more rugged, and are water resistant.

All of the mid to top-end consumer GMRS radios are rechargeable and will get about the same range on the GMRS frequencies (1-2 miles).


Thanks for the Reply. I was at Costco today and had seen a pack of 3 radios. they are the Motorola MH230R radios I believe. Any reviews on these? I like the idea they have a mini USB port to charge them so we could get car chargers and charge them if they die on the way. I have always liked Motorola Radios. We had motorolas along time ago. then purchased a set of cobras about 3 years ago, and they didnt work well at all. the range was terrible. we had used them from car to car and we had to be right behind each other not even a couple cars back for them to work.
Thanks for all the help!