Looking for some help with a Kenwood TK-3200

Thank you for reading this, and thanks in advance for any assistance I may receive!

I’m having trouble with a Kenwood TK-3200 2 channel. When it’s turned on, I get a solid tone from the speaker, and the LED flashes red to orange, back and forth. I tried resetting it to default, and it will let me go into the programming functions as well, but nothing seems to change. The battery is fully charged and good, and was working perfectly until today. Kenwood information online is sparse at best, and I have been googling for hours now trying to find ANYTHING that could be the cause of this.


Hi, welcome to the forums!

If the TK-3200 is doing that, it usually indicates the radio is blank, which means there is nothing programmed into it. The radio will need to be programmed.

My use and knowledge of these units is limited, but the solid tone is typically associated with a system fault. So something has gone wrong in the boot of the firmware/software.

So two questions:

Are you connecting it to a computer to do the programming?

Has there been any damage to the radio or has it gotten wet recently?

Hi! Thank you for the replies!

I wasn’t hooking it to a computer, only because everything I’d read said they weren’t able to be computer programmed. I do have a link cable, but it’s for a Baofeng, so I’m not sure they’re compatible, even if I had the software.

I did try to repeatedly full reset it using the side buttons, so maybe I botched it somehow.

Would the USB link I have for my Baofeng work with the Kenwood, if I had the proper software?

Does your radio have a ProTalk label? If it is labeled ProTalk, the frequency table is pre-programmed into it at the factory. While it is possible to wipe out the frequency table, chances are a reset should resolve the issue.

If you have the LMR version, the radio will typically be sold blank and it will need to be programmed by the dealer.

Baofeng uses Kenwood pinouts so theoretically the Baofeng programming cable would likely work, however I have not tested this myself so I cannot guarantee compatibility.

As an authorized Kenwood dealer, Buy Two Way Radios can program the LMR version of the Kenwood TK-3200 with the required frequencies, however we cannot provide the programming software.

…so, please suggest how and where to get the programming software as i have to make a fix

For which radio?