Looking for Recommendation to radios with long reception range

I purchased the Midland gxt 1000 and I do not that pleased with their reception range is quite short.
I wanted to get a recommendation for better radios with greater range and its need to be waterproof.
Maybe this device BAOFENG UV-5R will give me more range?
My uses are riding an ATV

No matter what nation you are in, (you never said) you need a license to use a UV-5R.

UHF is line of sight. No matter what power levels you are using, the range will be the same. Repeaters are used to extend the range of handheld radios to communicate over several miles. Again, a licensed service is the only place you will find repeaters.

Thanks for the quick answer
So basically what you’re telling me , the range of both device is the same ,
only if I will install repeaters i will get more range.
I understood correctly?

Yep, you got it right.

So can you please help me find a radio that is Waterproof from rain with long rang and an option to install an external antenna

avip4, are you in the US? the type, make and model of radio is going to depend somewhat on where you are, since most radios on the market are manufactured to operate in different regions, i.e. North America, Europe, Asia.

As jwilkers said, the range on a handheld is going to be limited and depends on a number of factors, not just the make and model of the radio. In order to recommend a radio, you first need to specify your requirements.

  1. In what country or region will these radios be used?
  2. What is the local terrain like?
  3. What do you consider “long range”? 10 miles? 20? 30? 100?
  4. How waterproof do they need to be? Can they take a mild rain or do they need to be submersible? Do they need to be able to float?
  5. Does the waterproof requirement need to include a headset?
  6. Will the radios themselves be sufficient or do you need a headset?
  7. Do you need only a headset or something in-helmet?
  8. What about power? Do you need extra long battery life or the ability to power it from a vehicle?
  9. Do they need to be particularly rugged or durable?
  10. What radio service will you be using? What frequencies?
  11. You mentioned an external antenna. Does the external antenna need a specific type of mount, or will a standard mobile mount work?
  12. What is your budget for the radios?

There is no “one size fits all” solution, so all of these personal requirements need to be understood before anyone can recommend a specific radio for your needs.
Here are a few resources to get you started:

The IP and JIS Specification for Water/Dust Resistance
Two Way Radios For Motorcycles

The Two Way Radio Show TWRS-10 - Radios on the Road
TWRS-45 - The Truth About GMRS Radio Range

Radio 101 - The truth about FRS / GMRS two way radio range
Radio 101 - The difference between UHF and VHF radios

1.Isreal but we use the usa channel.
2.Desert forest and mountains.
3.10 miles real, in the Area I noted is enough and more.
4.I just need it Against rain.
5.Waterproof headset is not Necessary , It’s just a bonus if there.
6.Yes i need a headset.
7.I need only a headset.
8.I dont need extra long battery life , is not Necessary ,ability to power it from a vehicle It’s just a bonus if there.
9.I dont need something Special.
10.I need uhf 400-480.
11.Just a simple external magnetic antenna that will give me another extra couple of miles if necessary.
12.The budget is Not limited.

I got a recommendation for this device:YAESU FT-277R
Some people told me it quality Japanese device that gives real 5w not like other cheaper device that not give the truth 5 w.

And i see this device that give 8 w : TG-580 8W/5W UHF400-480MHz
i dont know if its real 8w , You know this device?

Waiting for a reply from you.

Why not check your local radio laws and find out which frequencies you can legally use and how much power you can legally produce without a license.

Then you can research different types of radio that will fulfill your needs and wants.

There are several manufacturers of marine grade transceivers that would fulfill your needs, but I am not sure which frequencies are available to you.

My guess is that you have outgrown handheld radios and are looking for something a little more robust.

Your biggest problem is going to be that your antenna height plays a role in the distance your transceiver will transmit. If you wish to transmit further, you are not only going to need a bigger antenna, but also a longer wavelength - frequency and a more powerful transmitter.

The CB radio - 27 Mhz would probably be a better option for you!
Even with just a cheap 5 watt transmitter and a 9’ long antenna, you could expect to talk anywhere from one mile to 1000 miles depending upon terrain and band conditions.

If you put up a good base station (beam) antenna, it would help your cause.

Talking handheld to handheld severely limits your range to line of sight.

400 - 460 mhz is mostly used in urban conditions and inside of buildings where the range is not a factor.