Looking for Recommendation to radios with long reception range

I purchased the Midland gxt 1000 and I do not that pleased with their reception range is quite short.
I wanted to get a recommendation for better radios with greater range and its need to be waterproof.
Maybe this device BAOFENG UV-5R will give me more range?
My uses are riding an ATV

Wha kinda range do you need? Your requirements?

Range is simply to just over the horizon regardless of power transmitted. Higher antennas increase the horizon distance so a good well matched and high antenna for your home based station is the best option. I currently use a Baofeng UV-5R on 8 watts output and can reach home from 3 miles over open country to a 1/4 wave ground based antenna antenna on the house roof at home. From my car with a mag mount on the roof and a gain of 3db gives me an output of 16 watts and I can reach home from 7 miles. Using the 1/4 wave from home with the UV-5R I can hit my local repeater some 13 miles distant. A folding tactical antenna on the UV 5R can also hit the same repeater so well satisfied with the cheapy 5R. Got the one with 1, 4 and 8 watt power with the higher rated battery. Satisfied for now but want to get into HF/ssb although cost of the gear is a bit beyond my reach. Forgot to say that home antenna is in a fold in the ground and just out of sight. Behind a thick belt of trees also prevents signal reaching home but that is the range penalty with UHF and VHF I suppose. Would be interested in what you do and any results. Good luck.

Bear in mind, Baofengs require you to have an Amateur Radio license.