Looking for radios to be used in a building

I am part of a 15-member Emergency Response Team formed for a four floor office building and have been given the task of finding 2-way radios that will work for our team. They will rarely need to be put to task for an emergency but will always need to be turned on and operating in case of an emergency. As they will be sitting on our desks and going to meetings with us, we need units that will work in a building, be very quiet (no or low static noise), and preferably have recharging units for them to sit in. We do not want to have to obtain FCC licenses. Can anyone provide suggestions that fit our criteria?

Thank you!!!

You will want to give these a look:


They are good all-purpose UHF radios. To use the GMRS channels you are supposed to get a GMRS license. You can use the FRS channels though without one, but be a bit more limited in range/clarity.

Eventually you may want to think about getting a business radio license and upgrading to something like this: