Looking for new radios

I am looking for a set of radios which will work well outdoors. I work with a company and we do some siesmic testing and we need 6 radios that will work outdoors about a mile or two. Anyone got any suggestions? Also, would it be better to buy them at a store or online? I do not purchase many things online… could you recommend a good site to purchase two way radios from? Thanks.

Hi bjett003

I’ve got a few sets of Motorola T9500XLRs and they work reasonably well over the distances you mentioned outdoors (use them for hunting purposes in rather dense bushveld), but the experts can tell you more about the options on radios available to suit your needs best. What I can tell you as a fact, is that this is the very best site where you can purchase the required radios: good prices, excellent service, delivery, after-sales, info, etc. etc…in one word, BRILLIANT.