looking for assistance

Hi I am looking for two way radio communication with my management staff and employees. This is an industrial setting for heavy truck repair trailer welding and fabricating. Looking for external microphones and around 8-10 radios. Cost is a concern for me around alot of noise and building is 8 bays with an office in between need to communicate in around a 50,000 sq ft area. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated trying to stay away from licensing if possible



Thanks for posting. The ideal radio for your situation is the Motorola XTN XU1100. The XTN series from Motorola are extremely durable, perfect for an industrial situation. These 1 watt radios UHF are powerful enough to give you crystal clear coverage throughout your 50,000 sq. foot area.

The Motorola XV2100 is a two watt, VHF version of the XU1100. By default, the XV2100 operates on “MURS” frequencies, which do not require a license. This model may work for your situation, but it could be problematic if your building is steel or concrete. VHF signals do not penetrate well through steel or concrete and are best for outdoor use.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.