Looking for a very rugged handheld

Im looking for a maximally rugged, water- and cold-resistant handheld. Also very high range is a must. Price doesnt matter, but i don`t mind, if somebody names several models. The only other thing it has to be able to, is being usable (transmit and receive) on GMRS and FRS frequencies, as well.
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Hi, three models that immediately come to mind are the Midland GXT5000, the Cobra CXT1035R and the Uniden GMR5089-2CKHS.

We have unboxing videos for the first two models.
Midland GXT5000 GMRS Two Way Radio Unboxing

Cobra CXT1035R FLT unboxing video

Those two are amongst the rather low quality “plastic” radios, right?

I’ve been doing some more research lately, so sorry for the pretty vague criteria i gave initially.
I’m looking for a UHF business handheld radio with the following criteria:

  • being able to transmit on GMRS frequencies
  • meeting MIL-STD-810, possibly C, D, E, F
  • IP67 rating or slightly lower
  • long battery life, at least 12 hours (or the possibility to upgrade it to such a battery)
  • in best case 5W output power, but at least 4W
  • if possible, there should be an option to use it with AA or AAA batteries via upgrade, but that’s not an absolute necessity
  • price below 600$

I made some research on ICom and Vertex radios and found the Vertex VX-459-G7 and the ICom F4033T pretty fitting.
Problem is, i’m by no means an expert and if there is any other known radio out there that matches my criteria, i’d appreciate you mentioning it so much.
Thanks in advance and best regards!

The GXT5000 is a business grade GMRS radio that is quite rugged. The CXT1035R, although consumer grade, is also quite durable and is designed specifically for use outdoors in harsh weather conditions. I wouldn’t call either a low quality radio.

Most UHF business radios, while technically able to transmit on the GMRS, are not specifically FCC Part 95 type accepted to do so in the US. This has sparked a debate about the legalities of using them on the GMRS. There have been some business radios type accepted for both in the past. For instance, one or two older Kenwood models will work for both Part 90 and Part 95.

Here are a couple of resources that may help sort things out.
Using A Business Radio For GMRS

The Two Way Radio Show Podcast TWRS-38 - Using Business Radios on the GMRS

The alkaline battery requirement will narrow the selection further. Most business radios use proprietary battery packs. A few offer alkaline battery cases, but most do not.

We can assist you in locating what you need. Give us a call at 800-584-1445 and we will be happy to help.

I will reply more thoroughly, when i have checked your links, but i want to mention that i’m in Canada and we don’t have this legality problem here, if i’m not mistaken. Would this change anything about your answer?

Well, yes, that would be good to mention up front. We are based in the US and I am not familiar with the rules of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, so I can’t really comment on that.

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