Looking for a little help!

Good afternoon!

I’m totally new here and I have two questions.

I just took delivery of a 1952 Henney Packard (long wheelbase) Ambulance.

The vehicle is in exceptionally good condition and has what appears to be a (period correct) Motorola two-way radio mounted under the dash.

I don’t think it’s connected to anything, as there appears to be no power. In addition, there is a short antenna in the middle of the roof which looks good, but I’m not sure is correct. I was thinking Low-Band and a “whip” antenna, but I could be totally wrong!:confused:

The first question… What would be the (period correct) radio for this ambulance? I’m assuming it was fire-based in 1952, but do not know the provenience of the car.

That leads me to my second question… There is a hardly legible 10-Code sticker, on the dash with a faded Dymo-Tape label with what I assume is the FCC License number KDJ-804.

Unfortunately, due to the government shut-down, I cannot access the FCC website, nor am I sure that this information would be available there.

Where might I find an archive of license holders/ assignments that would tell me where KDJ-804 was awarded?

Knowing this may help me discover the provenience of the vehicle.:smiley:

Many thanks (in advance) for any assistance or advice!

All the best!:wink:

Rick Duffy
Pittsburgh, PA

412 551-0020