looking for a high qualitycommercial or bu radio that can b programmed to gmrs use

looking for a high end hand held business or commercial programmable radio with a high quality high gain antenna. i will need to have it Programmable to cover GMRS frequencies only , looking for max out put at the antenna.4 or 5 watt , the more compac it is the better, but i know i can not have my cake and eat it to . what should i do ?? what radios should i be looking at ??? i will be useing them in cars in the city .well what do you guys think i should be looking at .buttetproof:D

They certainly have them here- check out the Icoms:
For GMRS use you’ll want a UHF model. GMRS is in the 462MHz and 467MHz area, and you’ll have to get the GMRS frequencies programmed into the radios when you buy them (i’m pretty sure they do that here if you ask for it). If you use a GMRS repeater, you’ll need them to program that too as a separate memory bank, with the repeater’s CTCSS tone.
I’ve used Icom equipment, it’s good stuff and it doesn’t break easy.

You might also try something like a midland GXT740 or GXT1000, got 5 watts and much less expensive than Icom as of when i’m writing this the store has the 740’s on sale for $40 a pair). More consumer-y and easier to break, but also much cheaper.

(note- I don’t work here, just suggesting some stuff)