Looking for a few good choices

I run mutiple stands at large events such as fairs. I have tried common radios like the talk abouts, but every kid and grandmother are on every channel. I don’t need alot of channels, just something that is different freq. than those in use by everyone. 1 mile range would be OK. Any ideas. I kind of like the Kenwood TK 3230, is this a suitable radio.

Absolutely. The Kenwood TK3230 would be a perfect choice for your situation. At 1.5 watts, it has decent power for a small radio. The lithium battery makes it extremely lightweight as well. Just using a radio that supports business frequencies instead of GMRS is going to eliminate 99% of your interference. The TK3230 has support for 56 business frequencies (users selectable) as well as privacy codes which are an additional way of preventing interference.