Looking for a compact, durable radio - Canada

I have a pair of Motorola TA288s (TA280 in the US http://direct.motorola.com/ENS/phoneselectRetired_TwoWay.asp?language=ENS&Country=USA ) which I need to retire since they don’t use the US/Canadian frequencies and my UK chargers are not multi-voltage.
I mainly use the radios for keeping in touck while snowboarding.
The most important features are:

[/li][li]Good battery life (10 hours as a minimum)
[/li][li]Durable, I’ve had the TA288s for 9 years and they look new
[/li][li]Won’t turn off in my pocket
Direct call would be pretty handy too but I could live without it
Any recomendations? The choice has increased considerably since I was last in the market for a radio and I’m a bit lost

The Midland GXT800VP4 meets all of your requirements except “compact”, which can be subjective. This radio is around 7 1/2 inches tall, when you include the antenna.

If you are looking for a smaller radio, you may want to consider the Cobra LI-7000. It uses a lithium battery, which is lighter and superior to the NiMH batteries used by most brands. It doesn’t have the direct call functionality.

The TA288s are about 3 x 2 x 0.5 inches (excluding the antenna) I’m looking for something around that size ideally. Do you have the dimensions for the two radios you mentioned?

hi. i have 2 ta288s radios. bot i lost my user manuals. can u please send me the frequency table & CTCSS codes for me? without them i cant match my radios with other radios.