looking for 2 way hand held radio that doesn't make noise


I’m using my hand held raido audiovox fr-1438 but its on its way out. I can’t find one like it… I need a radio that when I press the talk button it doesn’t make any noise. I’m hunting and any noise in the woods isn’t good. Does any one know what 2 way radio I can buy?

Hi, I have attached a link to some radios that fit the description you are looking for. They are made with hunters in mind and come with a vibrate feature, or silent mode feature. Hope these work well for you!


does it make me a Redneck if I think those radios are sexy

I was curious about those “28 extra channels” that Midland advertises. I called the factory and they said that they were standard FRS/GMRS channels that the factory just programs with a different CTCSS or DCS code. So, actually there are no “extra channels” just more of the same ones. Oh, and they won’t talk 36 miles either. Maybe one or two if you are in the flat desert.