looking for 2 motorola vhf radios

I need 2 motorola VHF radios to be used as a backup repeater.
If anyone have any idea as to where I can find them real cheep.

This repeater will be used for emergency use by a ARES group.

I dont need more then maybe 25 - 35 watts.

I have the rest of what i need for the system but not the radios.

Any help would be nice.

now how can you use 2 vhf radios as backup repeaters? wouldnt your ham club be the ones looking for this though or atleast check up on ebay or arrl

You can use two radios linked through a repeater controller. This is essentially what a repeater is. If you notice, he says he has everything else he needs, which I assume is the controller, duplexer and antenna.

Maybe he IS the ham club, or at least an office responsible for acquiring this equipment. :confused:

Well to start with there is NO club in the County that i live in any longer.
There is a repeater in the County but it is not run by nor owned by a club.

I am the EC for the ARES here in Perry County OH.
And i believe in being ready for what might happen.

With this being said I am looking for the radios that I stated in my first post for backup only and I do have everything except for radios to setup a backup repeater.
I did order 2 radios from ebay but they was nothing but junk.
So I thought I would try here to find them.

Please do not attack me for trying to make sure that the ARES in Perry County OH wants to be able to be ready for the worst as I am only doing what I feel is right.

I am buying the equipment out of my pocket and dont have any club behind me to fund such things as there is no club to start with.

once again thanks in advance.

Arrow makes a repeater controller that is rather inexpensive, and would easily work with 2 HTs. The problem with commercial equipment is programming it for use on the amateur bands. In some cases it will be easy, in others, a bit more difficult. Older Midland LMR radios can easily be reprogrammed for the ham bands. Matt, KB8UVN has about everything to reprogram Midland rigs… He must have got 20 of them at Hamvention, so he knows his way around. You may want to narrow your research into the used Midland area

I know this isn’t answering your question, totally; but maybe helps somewhat.

John KD8DVR Columbus