Looking a new set of Bubble packs, Opinions

Noob to the board. I’m moving over from CB, 27mhz AM, to the newer handheld frs/gmrs radios. I currently have a set of Midland GXT 600’s that are about 2yrs old. Looking to upgrade them for something with more range. Range is the main thing I care about. I plan on using them when going camping, 4x4 offroading and such. so I won’t be using them in “clear” conditions. Urban areas also. Lots of obstructions from concrete buildings and houses to woods. What would be the best radio currently on the market?

My other idea would to buy some 4W hand held commercial style radios that work on the bubble pack FRS/GMRS channels. I know this would be more expensive, which is OK as long as I could communicate with the bubble packs when they are not using privacy channels.

if you are in a place where theirs alote of obstructions like concrete building then you might want to spend a little more and get some radios that are rated for high rise building that are rated for 10 floors of cooperate offices. those will have the power and range.

icom and motorola.ect have intero-level radios in there business class.

personally i have the cobra cxr900. they work great. make sure to get a fcc license for gmrs radios now that you are making the switch