Lock KG805FS in scan mode?

Is it possible to put the KG805F first in scan mode, then lock it so that any bump of the channel dial or a button doesn’t stop it from scanning? I’m using mine at mountain bike races for both team comms via FRS, and monitoring event logistics and medical response. The radio works very well to scan through everything I need to, but it’s very easy to set it to scan, but accidentially bump the channel knob, and now it’s not scanning any longer.

That is a great question. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to do that. I’ve tried the Autolock method to lock it in scan mode, but it doesn’t kick in to lock the radio unless there is 15 seconds of inactivity, and scan function is activity, so as long as it is scanning, Autolock won’t activate.

It’s not that big of a deal for my personal use, but I can understand why some would need to be able to scan without worrying about inadvertently stopping it down at the slightest touch.

Incidentally, I use both the 805F/FS and 805G at home and ithey are still some of my favorite radios due to their simplicity and ease of use for the family. They don’t understand all the advanced functionality of the KG-935G and other radios and it complicates everything for them. They just want to be able to go to the channel we’re using, press the push-to-talk and release it to listen. That’s about as far as they want to take radio comms. For this reason a scan lock isn’t something I’ve been too concerned about for my own uses. But it is something to consider for future models.

Thanks for the confirmation. If the firmware is ever being updated on these, the ability for auto or manual lock to scan mode (vs a channel, I believe?) would be welcomed.

For other future model thoughts, USB charging would be nice. When used as a radio for camping, the included charge base + AC adapter are bulky, single purpose items. A USB cable hanging off of the battery pack that can replenish the smartphones or the radio is an efficiency gain.

I have never thought about it but that would be a handy option, to lock the key pad while scanning.

In regards to the USB charging capability: that is one of the reasons I purchased the KG-S88G. It is a great little GMRS radio with USB-C charging. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but is good at what it does.

Fact is that the battery life on the 805FS seems to be perfectly adequate for a weekend of racing, but the overhead of the charging base when spending the night in a tent didn’t pop onto my radar when selecting hardware. USB-C input would be a benefit in that circumstance.