Listening/standing by for multiple channels

Noob here, most likely don’t have the right vocabulary yet, so my searches didn’t return relevant answers, please point me to them, if you can.

Is it possible to have a two way radio that stands by for more (ideally 2-4) channels at the same time?

I am planning team buildings, where there will be up to 4 separate groups. 1 host is assigned to 2 usually, each group will have a radio set to different channels. Could the host have one radio instead of two and hear either group’s call?
What is this feature called?
What are the limitations of it? Nr of channels it can listen to, what happens if two channels talk at the same time?

Thanks very much!

is this a business application?
I am not aware of any that can monitor 4 frequencies at a time, but there are dual band radios that will do 2. Those are pretty common in amateur radio use, but not too common in business use.
Two way radio has one on their site:
If your group leader only has two groups assigned to them, something like that may work. Depending on how it is to be used and the range needed.

Dear Obed,
Thanks very much for Your quick response!
Yes, it would be a business application, but think very small business.
It would also have to be a portable, not a desktop, but now that I know what its called, I think I found options. 2 channels will definitely work for now, more may be nice later.

What happens with these, if one channel starts to talk? The other gets ignored, or can an led flash, or both are going to be heard?
Thanks again!

when two talk at the same time that is commonly called “a double”.
The stronger signal will be the most understandable.

If I understand your needs you have groups of people that will be using radios at the same time, and need somebody to be able to listen in, and possibly reply to any conversations that need input from the instructor?

There are radios that can have scan functions programmed in, so they all have them and then the instructors radio scans through the channels, stopping on active ones. Some auto restart the scan. In fact, some of the ham radios might be ideal, as you could program in four channels and the radio will scan those pretty quickly, stopping on each conversation. If you want to stop the scan, just ‘pip’ the press to talk quickly - which stops the scan. You can join in, or not, and then use the up down button to start the scanning process when you are done.

The Yaesu FT-60 does this, as do many of the Icoms and other quality brands. I think many of the cheap Chinese radios do the same thing, I believe.

Thanks for the responses, both have been very helpful, I have ordered it and will test it!