Listen in on schools radio network.

Our school has 13 hyt - tc 310 radios, used to communicate to the higher band of staff, If i bought a

Ronway UV-3R DUAL BAND Ham radio S-meter

Could i listen in on the schools radio network

Both the radio and the Scanner radio are on the same frequencies scale?

Would this work?

Thanks Nathan

Note: Before doing any “scanning” make sure you know your local laws on owning and operating a scanner or two-way radio. In some instances it may be illegal.

The HYT TC-310 is a UHF two-way radio (not sold in the America market) capable of frequencies 450-470mhz. The school is operating either on licensed business frequencies or a FRS/GMRS set of frequencies.

The Ronway UV-3R is a “ham” type radio capable of both VHF and UHF operation. The UHF bandsplit is 400-470mhz and is capable of monitoring the school’s radio traffic, granted you have the specific frequencies.

I do NOT recommend listening in -AND definitely do NOT transmit on their channel unless you are licensed to do so.

Thanks for the reply , i am also aware of the licenseig etc At my own risk, i will only be using it to listen in, how would i find the schools exact radio frequecie?

Thanks Nathan

It is good to know you are aware of the sensitivity of scanning/listening/transmitting on someone else’s frequency.

That said there are two ways to find their exact frequency.

  1. Search the FCC database for their license (if they have one). Search google for “FCC uls search” and you can search for licenses by registered name. Keep in mind, if it’s a school district the license may be under the board of education name.
  2. Manually scan through the frequencies on a scanner until you pick up activity. You will have to be close enough to hear the school ( < 1-2miles ) and listen for names of teachers or the name of the school. You can also look at their radios and try to see if they are VHF or UHF. Best bet is to search 450-470mhz, that’s what most businesses are using.

Have fun scanning! Be safe!

Thanks, your a ledgend , do the school have a licensed frequencie? Do they have to stay on that freq , to stay within there license

If the school has a license with certain frequencies, they will stay on those frequencies only. It is “illegal” to operate on any other frequency you are not licensed for.

Try these for starters. They are common frequencies you will find schools using:
467.xxxx GMRS/FRS freqs.

Ahhh, Do you reckon when this radio arrives i can go to school and do a whole frequencies band scan?

I don’t think so. If that radio is like a “ham” radios it will have to be programmed for the specific frequencies you want to check and then scan those frequencies. It will not just scan radio bands.