License for using a BAOFENG UV-5RA

I want to get my License to so I can use my BAOFENG UV-5RA legally.
Did a search at this site:
Can’t find an exam between now and ever…
How do I go about this? Can I do it online?

I’ve had this radio for sometime; for emergency purposes.
Bought another pack of 5 and found out at this site all the legal issues with that so I sent the 5 back.
But now, I think I should get my license for the one I’ve always had…

If you’re really interested in amateur radio, in one or more of it’s strands and something about you interests others, then the ham licence enables all kinds of interesting operating - depending where you live. With a lower power VHF or UHF radio, without decent antenna systems, you’re looking at very local coverage, and so much depends where you live. Big towns and cities have higher amateur populations and repeaters. If you live in the country, nobody to talk to!

I’d search out your nearest radio club and pay them a visit - you’ll find out quite a lot by meeting there people you will speak to. Probably with Covid 19 - they’re not meeting, and here in the UK, all the tests are done by the clubs. So no club meetings, no exam sessions!

I would recommend that you get that license, naturally. What you decide to do after that is pretty much up to you. There are a bunch of different things you might be interested in besides just talking (nothing wrong with that either), so familiarize yourself with this hobby and have after it!

In the US local clubs and some online sites can test you. Getting an online test is quite hard. With COVID some are doing over video and or meeting with guidelines.

Follow it through!