I was thinking of buying a Mot BPR40 and have no idea if i need a licence or not. I was told, by a salesman that it was manditory to have one for this model but I didnt bite. Was he liying?
Plan to use in small business

He wasn’t lying to you. The FCC requires that businesses be licensed for the frequencies that they use. The fee isn’t too bad, though. It’s around $100 for a license that covers your entire business at a single location and the license is good for at least 5 years. If you don’t want to deal with doing the paperwork yourself, you can hire a frequency coordinator to do all the work.

you mean that there is no way to use this model or one similar to it out of the box the muti use frequencies?

The FCC requires that each frequency that you use be licensed.

Thanks for the info glad I asked!