legallity of receiving radio transmissions

can anyone direct me to the law (1943?) that says all citizens may receive radio transmissions.
i say it exists, my friend says no. its illegal to listen to some, s ay police, fire etc.


Taken from Wikipedia -

"In the United States, the general guidelines[clarification needed] to follow when using a radio scanner are that it is illegal to:[citation needed]

* listen in on cellular and cordless phone calls
* intercept encrypted or scrambled communications
* sell or import radio scanners that are capable of receiving cellular phone frequencies (this rule does not apply to sales by individuals[citation needed] and radio scanners made before the ban)
* modify radio scanners so that cellular phone frequencies can be received
* use information received for personal gain (a common example is where a taxi driver listens to a competitor's dispatch channel to steal a customer)
* use information received to aid in the commission of a crime
* disclose information received to other persons

Licensed Amateur Radio Operators with a valid FCC License may possess Amateur Radio Transceivers capable of reception beyond the Amateur Radio Bands per an FCC Memorandum & Order known as FCC Docket PR91-36 (also known as FCC 93-410).[5][6]"

Here is a better one with even more information on the specific law you are interested in: Communications Act of 1934

To protect the users of the radio spectrum from misuse of their communications, the US Government has enacted legislation to spell out the obligations of any listeners. The earliest and possibly the best known of these laws is contained in the Communications Act of 1934 and is now called Section 705, or popularly “the Privacy Act.”

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Some state laws vary but I believe for the most part you are correct and your friend is mistaken.

thank you very much for your speedy response, guys.