Kydera CDR 300UV APRS error

I’m doing experiment of capturing DMR APRS data.
I have Baofeng DM-X, and it works fine. Now i got the second radio - Kydera 300UV. And it works fine too, except DMR APRS messages.
I can send messages from one station to another through repeater, can send “[callsign] [message]” to DMR master 250999. RPT and RSSI works from both stations. But APRS doesn’t work from Kydera when i’m sending to Baofeng either 250999

I’m using SDR# and DSD+ to capture and decode.
When i send from Bao, i get such log

Baofeng log

When send from Kydera

Kydera log


I made such settings

Kydera settings

DMR section

APRS section


Firmware 06.03.2021
CPS V9.1.178

Can somebode help me? What i’m doing wrong?

Ok, seems like firmware problem. Got new version 2021.06.09 and it start work well