Kirisun Pt3600 password

Hi people of the forum

I bought a 2nd hand Kirisun PT3600 VHF from a pawn shop.

Now got the programming cable and software, but it requires a password to read the info??? I dont have this password, as its 2nd hand and I dont know what frequencies its programmed to work on.

How can the password be cracked or factory reset to get rid of all settings and go back to default?


Have you contacted the manufacturer?

I did send an email to kirisun but they dont seem to care to reply soonest…

We are based in the US and do not carry that line, so I would not have the password information. However, a quick Google search pulls up a few possible sources of information on the radio. Have you tried searching for the manual online?

I have downloaded the manual, but it doesnt have anything about password or factory reset.

Hi there, did you manage to get the method to do a factory reset?

Hi. No never did get to figure it out. The www wasnt much help either.

Seems, once someone put a password on these, and its sold on without it, it is basically a paperweight…

Cant even read the data never mind deleting or changing anything.

Have you tried all “0’s” or all “9’s”?

I am facing the same problem. :frowning: Tried 1234, 0000, 9999, 1111 etc. There has to be a way to do a factory reset.