KGT 1000 programing question

I’m in a repeater club, even though I normally live well outside of its range, that has several repeaters in a metro area that I occasionally drive to. The repeaters list their information like this:

“XXX 600–DCS 145 In/DCS 036 Out”

I tried to program this the other day and frankly don’t know if I got it right nor not. I was in their area the other day and while there I did pick up a broadcast by somebody requesting a radio check, which I replied to, but they didn’t seem to pick it up. I’m a novice with this and I may have just flat out programmed it incorrectly. How should I have done it?

Well don’t program the receive code at all. Leave it so your radio hears everything in the frequency. If you have tx and rx are both set you might be getting in but just can’t hear it! So try just the tx dcs tone and see if you bring it up. Realistically if you got that data in correctly it should work assuming you also got the shift right. You did put the transmit receive frequency split in properly?